World Template


1. Language of paper are Ukrainian, English and other.
2. Abstract and key words – in English.
3. Separately attached article title in English.
4. Introduction Section headings – font: Times New Roman, type size 10, the interval before the line: 6 pt.
5. Text formatting The paper is submitted in 2 copies (Word and PDF) and printed version. The text is typed in a text editor, Microsoft Word 2000 or Word 2003. The paper is prepared using A4 page format (210x297 mm). Margins: left 20 mm, right 20 mm, upper 20 mm, bottom 20 mm. The text is written in two-column format, the space between the columns is of 5 mm. The indentation is set at 10 mm. Font: Times New Roman, type size 10. The first page is the page with the paper title: pt 18; references, affiliation: pt 9; the title of tables and figures: pt 8. Figures and tables are inserted in the text. Please make sure that the columns on the last page are of the same length!!!
6. Equations Equations are written using the format of Equation 2-4, they are placed in the center of a line and numbered using parentheses located on the right side of the line.
7. Tables Tables are inserted in the text and also submitted as separate files in the format MS Word. The body type size of a table - 10, the title type size - 10
8. Figures Pictures, graphics, and photographs are inserted in the text and, additionally, submitted as separate graphic files in the form of separate objects that may be corrected or changed; their dimensions have to meet the page requirements. The figures are signed and numbered (if there is more than one figure) beneath; the captions are centered and typed using size 8.
9. References are numbered in the order in which sources are cited or mentioned in the text, in square brackets. Last names of authors and names of journals in Ukrainian or Russian are typed using Latin letters, font: Times New Roman, type size 9.
10. Conclusion The main results of the work are outlined; their importance is emphasized, and the examples of their possible application are described.