Construction and appearing of network graphs

  • V. Prykhodko
  • I. Vikovych
  • M. Ostashuk
Ключові слова: distribution center, logistics chain, supplier, customer, logistics channels, warehouse, capacity limitations, distribution network, cargo, vertical corridor


In the development of route schemes and their optimization, the mathematical apparatus of graph theory is used, that means graphoanalytical methods. The main task in this case is to build a graph of the logistic organization of the tour product (tour). Graph theory in logistics Methods of graph theory are used in logistics, in particular in the form of a network planning and management system. With the help of network planning and management, the rational use of material resources is achieved, reliable and rhythmic material and technical support is provided.


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Prykhodko, V., Vikovych, I., & Ostashuk, M. (2020). Construction and appearing of network graphs. Технічні вісті, (49, 50), 43-45. вилучено із
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