Power losses in non-sinusoidal magnetic transformer systems

  • B. Krokhmalnyy
  • I. Bilyakovskyy
  • M. Haj
Ключові слова: power losses, magnetic transformer systems, nonsinusoidal change , experimental calculation method


In the development of justification methods that lose power in magnetic transformers based on the method of accounting, is lost when converted to an electromagnetic cell as a result of a non-sinusoidal change in magnetic induction. The researching showed the possibility of using methods of estimating power losses in steel at non-sinusoidal magnetic induction to estimate losses in magnetic circuits in the conditions of their operation and to create an experimental calculation method. The effective implementation of the methodology is largely determined by the introduction in the plant passport of the transformer additional parameters. The technique is quite effective in evaluating methods of stabilizing non-sinusoidal voltage and in justifying the use of various types of electrical steel for magnetic circuits.


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