Modern Electromechanical Converter of Vehicle Electric Power Steering

  • І. Bilyakovskyy
  • L. Kasha
Ключові слова: switched reluctance motor, car power steering, new construction, electromechanical converter


The technique of switched reluctance motor with U- similar stator construction for the electric assist in car is given in this paper.

Recommendations for electromechanical converter design with that stator construction are reasonable on the base of electromagnetic theory. All recommendations is fixed in basis of design calculation of basic geometrical sizes. Electric drive on the base of switched reluctance motor is cheaper and stability and, the electromechanical converter have high reliability and technological factors.

The relation for calculating optimal geometry of the tooth-slot zone, which is based on the determining the optimal dimensions of the stator lamination sheet and depends on the chosen criteria, is obtained.


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